Memphis Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry in Memphis can have a positive impact on your dental and overall health when we help you solve a wide range of dental concerns. With restorative dentistry, we can replace missing teeth, provide dental implants, offer dental crown and bridge therapy, fit full or partial dentures, and offer periodontal care for gum disease. Our team can help to relieve the discomfort of a toothache, cavity, root canal, or tooth loss by healing your smile and restoring functionality.

Benefits of Dental Implants and how they work

Dental implants are small titanium posts designed to replace missing teeth while mimicking the function of natural tooth roots.

Dental implants in Memphis don\'t involve a removable prosthetic appliance as dentures do. Dental implants are actually inserted into the gums and anchored to the jawbone, where they should fuse to the bone during a process called \"osseointegration.\" A permanent dental crown attached to the post then serves as the replacement tooth, which can give you results that feel and appear like an original tooth.

Benefits of dental implants from Germantown Dental Group:

  • Next best thing to natural teeth
  • Built to last. Dental Implants are a long term solution
  • Keep your teeth in your mouth - Not in a cup!
  • Protect healthy bone
  • Avoid unnecessary treatment on adjacent teeth
  • Implants don\'t get cavities

Types of Dentures in Memphis and how they work

A full denture is a row of prosthetic teeth created to replace each tooth along the upper or lower gum line. They\'re held in place by natural suction and perhaps a little denture cream.

We can make a partial denture to take the place of one to three teeth in a row, as long as there are stable teeth on either side of the gap to hold the partial. To keep this restorative option in place, we\'ll attach it to other teeth in your mouth.

Dr. Whittemore, Dr. Gruen, Dr. Bernstein, or Dr. Vick will carefully take notes about the size and shape of your existing teeth so the partial denture appliance will be made to blend into your smile.

Full or partial dentures are appliances, usually removable, that fit over the gums and hold artificial teeth in spaces where natural teeth are missing. Everyone has heard of dentures, but it tends to be of those subjects where so much information is passed around and so little is really understood.

For example, popular wisdom is that only the first set of dentures fit correctly. That\'s only partially true. They tend to feel best because the gum ridges have not yet receded. But we can now re-fit new dentures that look and feel just as good as the original.

The fit of your dentures depends on how healthy your gums are. That\'s why we recommend you see us at least once a year for a denture check-up. Denture adhesives are a band-aid solution at best, and we know our office can do better with proper custom-fitted dentures.

Using your denture too much doesn\'t cause it to wobble. That\'s a result of changes in the mouth, mainly the natural shrinkage of gum tissue and bone. Again-we can help!

How Do Dental Crowns in Memphis Work?

A crown entirely covers a damaged tooth, strengthening it and improving its appearance, shape, or alignment. A crown can also be placed on top of an implant to provide a more functional tooth-like shape and structure.

At Germantown Dental Group, we believe dental crowns should look, feel, and function like real teeth. We use a proprietary milling process to fabricate all of our crowns, and our precise delivery techniques ensure they maintain this anatomy when they are adjusted to fit. We can also match any available shade of tooth you want. By choosing a blending shade similar to the neighboring natural teeth, we can allow these teeth to \"disappear,\" and not stand out as 'fake' or 'prosthetic' once they are placed in your mouth. Our crowns in Memphis provide beauty, fit, and stability, along with long-term results you can trust.

Contact us today to learn how dentures, dental implants, dental crowns, or any of the other restorative dental options we offer in Memphis can help your smile look the best it ever has.