What are my Treatment Options for TMJ Disorder (TMD)?

TMJ disorder refers to a wide range of dysfunctions affecting the temporomandibular (TMJ) joint, the point of connection between the jaw and the rest of the skull. This essential juncture allows the jaw to open and close, enabling critical functions like chewing, yawning, and speaking. Any disruption in the complex balance between the muscles, ligaments, bones, and nerves of the jaw joint can result in debilitating pain or discomfort that extends to the head, neck, shoulders, and back. Physiological concerns, such as clicking or locking of the jaw, ringing in the ears, and dizziness are also common symptoms of TMD.

While TMJ disorder is often painful and disruptive for patients affected by the condition, in many cases, evaluation and proactive treatment from an experienced TMD dentist can minimize symptoms and help restore optimal jaw joint function. For many individuals, wearing a customized oral appliance can reduce pressure on the TMJ and reduce pain caused by jaw joint imbalances. Other types of care, such as exercises to stretch or repattern movement of the jaw muscles, anti-inflammatory medications to reduce swelling, and ultrasound therapy, can be utilized to alleviate TMJ tension and stress. Our Memphis dentists offer a range of customized treatments to identify the root cause of your painful symptoms and create a treatment plan designed to effectively address your unique case of TMD. If you have any questions about TMJ disorder or how our practice can help you reclaim a life free from TMJ pain, please contact Germantown Dental Group today.