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We are proud to provide teenage dentistry services to teens of all ages in Germantown and the surrounding communities.

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Dr. Gruen

Your Germantown Pediatric Dentists

Dr. Gruen studied at some of the top dental schools in the world. He regularly pursues continuing dental education to stay abreast of the latest treatments and techniques. His educational background includes:

Dr. Whittemore attended Rhodes College and the University of Tennessee Dental School. Dr. Whittemore continually attends seminars and courses to further his education in restorative dentistry. He has extensively studied Dr. David Hornbrook on ""Functional Anterior Veneers,"" Dr. Peter Dawson in St. Petersburg, Florida, and Dr. John Kois of Seattle, among other renowned dentists around the world.

Dr. Whittemore
Dr. Vick

Dr. Ryan Vick is passionate about his patients' smiles and helps them achieve their healthiest smiles. He believes that a confident smile can ultimately improve one's self-image and confidence and that having a healthy mouth is a pillar of having great overall health. His education includes:

  • University of Tennessee College of Dentistry
  • Florida State University
  • Alabama Implant Education

Germantown Teenage Dentistry

Preventive oral hygiene and instruction

This includes proper brushing, flossing, eating habits, ideal fluoride levels, and pit and fissure sealants. Avoiding tooth decay can often be accomplished simply by adhering to a good dental hygiene routine. This routine would ideally consist of:

  • brushing at least two to three times daily
  • flossing twice daily
  • regular dental checkups
  • a healthy diet with minimal sugar
  • fluoride treatments

Restorative dentistry

A healthy smile is always our first priority at Germantown Dental Group. Sometimes, restorative treatment is needed to achieve that goal. This can include teen's fillings, dental crowns, and sometimes tooth extractions.

Fillings and crowns

Cavities can develop at all ages, and for all sorts of reasons, from genetics to nursing bottle decay. Leaving a cavity untreated indefinitely can damage the tooth. We can use composite fillings to protect the tooth. These fillings are a tooth-colored mix of plastic and glass that prevent further damage by preventing bacteria from getting into the tooth and spreading decay. When tooth decay has already damaged a tooth, it's important to restore it with a supportive dental crown. Protecting your teen's teeth at an early age ensures their oral development stays on track. We take every patient's comfort level into consideration and are very gentle with all of our procedures.

Tooth extractions

Although tooth extractions can sound kind of scary, it's actually a relatively straightforward procedure. Some cases of tooth decay or other dental problems might require the removal of the affected tooth. Our safe sedation options for kids, including nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation, ensure that your teen will be completely comfortable and calm throughout and immediately after the procedure.

Germantown Teenage Dentistry

At Germantown Dental Group, our doctors have years of experience in their field and work together to provide continuous teen dental and orthodontic care from one office. This is convenient for both our team and our patients (and their parents!) Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our doctors.