Reasons for Porcelain Veneers Replacement

131921402-xsPorcelain veneers are a wonderful treatment that transform the appearance of your smile. Though porcelain veneers are strong and long lasting, they may eventually need to be replaced. Properly caring for porcelain veneers can help ensure they will last as long as possible. Memphis cosmetic dentist John Whittemore and the team at Germantown Dental Group help patients understand the reasons for porcelain veneers replacement and how they can prolong the life of your veneers.

When Is Porcelain Veneers Replacement Necessary?

Porcelain veneers will last 10 or more years with proper care and maintenance. If not well cared for or in the event of injury, porcelain veneers may require replacement. Some reasons porcelain veneers may need replacement include:

  • Damage and decay to the natural tooth: Even with porcelain veneers, the natural tooth may still develop decay. Porcelain veneers leave the natural tooth structure exposed; when the natural tooth develops areas of decay, porcelain veneers may need to be replaced in order to repair decay. 
  • Damage to the veneer: Chewing on hard items or experiencing certain forms of facial injury can cause damage to porcelain veneers. Cracked or fractured veneers can only be repaired through replacement.
  • Tooth discoloration: Porcelain veneers may require replacement in the event that the surrounding teeth become discolored. Porcelain veneers are custom shaded to match the surrounding teeth. Any exposed natural teeth will remain susceptible to staining. Sometimes the teeth may become noticeably different in shade from the neighboring veneers. 
  • Loose veneers: The dental cement used to bond porcelain veneers to the teeth may loosen over time. As the cement loosens, the veneers may become loose and require replacement.

Caring for Your Porcelain Veneers

Properly caring for your porcelain veneers can help prolong the life of your dental restorations. Here are some useful tips to help you care for your porcelain veneers.

  • Practice proper oral hygiene:It is important to practice proper oral hygiene with veneers since the natural tooth structure remains exposed and vulnerable to decay. Brush your teeth at least twice a day for a full two minutes each and floss at least once a day.
  • See your dentist for regular checkups: Regular dental checkups are important, especially when you have porcelain veneers. During your checkup, your dentist can make sure your porcelain veneers are in their best shape.
  • Use a nonabrasive toothpaste: Switch to a nonabrasive toothpaste to avoid scratching and damaging your veneers.
  • Avoid chewing on hard items: Porcelain veneers can be damaged by chewing on hard items like ice and pen caps. Avoid chewing on hard items to reduce the risk of chipping your veneers.

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Porcelain veneers can transform your smile and restore your confidence. Porcelain veneers are suitable for most patients and will last well over 10 years if cared for properly. To find out if porcelain veneers treatment is right for you or to learn about other restorative and cosmetic dentistry treatments, we invite you to schedule a consultation with one of our friendly dentists today!