Visions of the Future at the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry’s 2018 Scientific Session


Our cosmetic dentists recently attended the 2018 American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Scientific Session, and they report that this year’s meeting was a resounding success! The AACD’s annual meeting gathers top dentists from all over the country to share information, discuss the latest technologies and treatment techniques, and help progress the field of cosmetic dentistry so that patients receive the absolute latest in aesthetic dental care.

Drs. Todd Gruen, John Whittemore, Mickey Bernstein, and Ryan Vick were all at the conference in Chicago. In fact, Dr. Vick attended the AACD Scientific Session for the very first time, and says the organization provided an environment where the best cosmetic dentists, dental companies, dental technicians, and lecturers were able to be together in a mutually beneficial environment. “A stand out lecture for me was on the topic of prepless veneers. There have been great advancements in recent years and this is an incredible service that allows us to give patients a beautiful smile in an incredibly conservative way. I loved being able to mastermind with other like-minded dentists, as well as learn new and applicable skills.”

The AACD annual conference ultimately helps our dentists continue to build on the foundation of excellent care we strive to provide here at Germantown Dental Group, allowing us to consistently improve the dental treatment experience so that our patients receive the highest standards of care and the most comfortable procedures possible. Our dentists say this year’s meeting was an exciting and informative event, and they are looking forward to next year!